Poster of a Girl - Metric

Metric doing “Metric” best. I have been listening to this song on loop all week, it’s always been a favourite but these days, the circumstances are ripe, and nothing feels better than laying on my floor with this on repeat, those synths just bouncing around my brain, Emily absolutely killin my soul, the drums just chuggin and pulsing along behind it all. I feel beautiful when I hear this song. Sad and beautiful

The Twist - Metric

It’s funny how Metric have never ever mentioned Josh not being in the band but in THIS zine from 2002 we clearly see some dude with dreads who is, clearly, not Josh #metric #conspiracy
❤ #metric #vinyl
"People say we’re too mainstream for the underground and too underground for the mainstream, it’s bullshit, people don’t listen to music for that reason" #metric #emilyhaines #montreal ❤
snagged one of a thousand, finally my favourite album is on #vinyl, finally #metric @metric_band 💛 (Taken with Instagram)