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I’m at the cutest little place right own the street from my place, it’s called Depanneur Cafe and it’s the old, run-down lil cafe with great food and cheap almond milk lattes: I’m in the dimly lit backroom sitting on a cozy chair with my laptop waiting for my food, there’s a live sax/cello/piano trio playing some sleepy jazz. Last night Jeff asked me to be his boyfriend and I woke up today walking on sunshine, all of my dating anxiety has been alleviated and now there’s some much room for the good. My boyfriend is the most attractive, quirky man I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, I feel so happy and positive and appreciated.

My latte just arrived and it’s adorable.

The best thing I ever did was move to the Mile End. Montreal is a fantastic city and I’ve lived in many different parts of it but this lil granola/artsy/queer community is definitely where I belong.